Technical support and updates will be available to licensed users only. This includes previous versions of ddcBar, Display-Utilities  and the Toolbox . If you have an older version and wish for technical support you will need to buy a license for that utility before your technical request will be considered.

Sales and Product Suitability Inquiries
For product suitability or purchasing questions or comments use the following email address or use the Contact page form.

Technical Support for Licensed Users
Technical support is available through the email address below for licensed users only. Keep in mind that all queries are answered as quickly as possible within 24 to 48 hours.  If you require more timely assistance please contact me about the availability and cost of phone technical support.

Make sure that you reference either the email or account name associated with your license in your request.

Manage your account and activation details at

Technical Support For Non-Registered Users
Consider using the Alerton Technical Support forum to post any questions.

Notice: Feature Request or Custom Utilities
Starting June 22, 2017 ddcToolbox will no longer be accepting feature requests or providing custom programming services.