ddcBar, ddcToolset and IBCU require a license to use. An 30 day evaluation code can be obtained by installing the software and selecting the activation menu or tool button in the program. Consult the ddcToolbox Product Activation Guide.pdf for details.

Full installation includes all files needed to install and run the program.
Latest patch file will usually be the main program file with the latest bug fixes. May include other updated files as needed.
Latest beta will be the main program file with latest features that are under development along with any bug fixes.
Legacy installer is the same as the Full installation but using the older host-id licensing method. This should not be downloaded except by current licensed users who are not ready to move to the new activation system.

  • ddcBar



    Download notes


    Full Program Installation


    Full installer version. Includes support files, templates, help and documentation file. Version history


    Latest ddcBarLib
    Patch File


    None available at this time.


    Latest ddcbarlib


    None available at this time.


    Older Versions


    ddcBar v18.2.18_r2
    ddcBar v18.1.15
    ddcBar v17.12.10
    ddcBar v17.9.25
    ddcBar v15.9.22-R2


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  • Ibex to BACtalk Conversion Utility
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