A Visio Solutions Addon for Alerton DDC Programming

Current Version: 18.2.18

ddcBar is a collection of utilities to aid in the production and maintenance of Alerton DDC programming. It runs  as a Visio solutions add-on and works with all Alerton VisualLogic programming stencils.

  • Visio Support

    DDCbar supports Visio 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

    DDCbar provides the following Visio based user interface elements:

    • For Visio 2007 ddcBar provides a main menu command as well as a ddcBar specific toolbar.
    • For Visio 2010 and later versions ddcBar provides a ddcBar ribbon tab.
    • Visio anchor windows are used for the Point-Editor, DDC Explorer, DDC Simulator and Project-Reference tasks.
    • DDCbar commands can be called by 3rd party addins.
    • Drawing Setup dialog to configure DDCbar to current DDC and database modes of drawing.
    • One-click DDC stencil open.
    • One-click zoom all pages before save.
    • Configurable user menu for commands each user want handy on the DDCbar tab/toolbar.
    • DDCbar commands added to Visio context menu for cutting DDC as script, pasting DDC as script and for copying the point data from the currently selected tab to the point database.
    • Replicates most VisualLogic commands on the DDCbar ribbon or toolbar for quick access.
  • DDC Coding
  • Database & Excel
  • Point Editor
  • DDC Explorer
  • Utilities
  • Even More Stuff
  • System Requirements