ddcToolset - Diasplay and Point Utilities

Current Version: 18.1.15

ddcToolset is a collection of utilities to aid in the production and maintenance of Alerton BACtalk displays as well as reading and writing controller point data.

  • New Tools

    Release 16.9.13 adds 3 new tools to the Mix

    Simple Omnigraphic Creator (SOC.exe)
    Reads your Inkscape file and creates a new startup display of omnigraphic objects. Can read both the device-id and zone name from the Inkscape file. Supports Omnigraphic styles so you do not need to edit the Omnigraphic objects once they are created.

    Display Renumbering (dNumber.exe)
    Now a standalone app!. This tool can renumber the displays of a rep-job by searching all display and template files and changing the target id numbers as well as renaming the files. Has a pre-check tool to make sure you don’t use the same target ID more than once. Can round-robin file names (1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 1) in a single pass.

    Display Framing (dFrame.exe)
    Loads a frame style followed by a display or template files or a background image. Creates a new background image using the frame and existing image. When saving a display or template file dFrame can also update the correct location of all display objects in the file. Has tools to paint on the new image file in order to change fill and text box colors as well as change the background color of the display objects when saving the new files. Includes tools for creating frame styles.

    This update is free to all licensed users. Trial license are available after installation using the activation menu command. See the Documentation tab to download user manuals.

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