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A site dedicated to tools and utilities that support the creation and maintenance  of programs and graphics for Alerton DDC systems.

Supporting EBT, ABS and Compass development  environments.


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Last Update: Apr 3, 2018

April 3, 2018
Maintenance releases for ddcBar and ddcToolset are available on the downloads page. A couple of issues with the DDC Simulator have been corrected in ddcbar. In the QVC program an issue where some grid rows became too small to view has also been resolved.

March 6, 2018
New updates are available for both ddcBar and ddcToolset. Support extensions are now supported allowing you to continue to use your existing activation code with new software releases. DDCbar version 17.12.14 fixed a couple of minor issues and added support for the “units” property in the Point-Editor. Available on the downloads page.  Version 18.1.15 fixes an issue in the Point-Export dialog where certain options or the OK button do not get enabled under certain circumstances. Version 18.2.18 adds a new feature where you can use the Subcaller-Editor to create and populate subcaller shapes using data pasted from an Excel worksheet. This version also fixes a bug in the Compare feature as well as one issue with saving of point data with the Visio drawing.

All users who are still using  ddcBar and ddcToolset versions 15.9.22 and older are now out of the 2-year service and support period. The free activation code upgrades are no longer available.

Contact license@ddcToolbox.com for details.